Reminiscing the journey

Reminiscing the journey


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It is Day 13 in my #180DaysofDSA challenge. I haven't dropped any blog in the past five days. I paused everything else that I was doing to pour more time into my personal project that I am building called DocGPT. I had set the deadline to September 30 to get the first version out. To meet the deadline I decided to put everything else on hold and take my project to a point where it is almost production ready.

It was the reason I couldn't write any blogs. BTW, I have dropped a glimpse of DocGPT. Would appreciate it if you hit that follow button😅

DocGPT is a tool that will allow you to initiate a conversation with your essential documents probably medical docs, legal docs or financial docs.

The idea stuck in my head back in Jan 2021. I was in a hospital for a cyst removal. A cyst is a fluid-filled sac usually in the skull or scalp. I was waiting outside the operating theatre for the arrival of the doctor. My eyes went to the medical document and reports my dad was carrying with him. I started analyzing. It was super complex to understand and comprehend therefore I was googling everything. It was tedious.

When OpenAI released it's chatbot ChatGPT, an idea struck my head why not create an app where users could upload the document that they are having trouble comprehending and initiate conversation with it? The problem was I didn't know backend engineering.

So long story short I learned it and am developing it tbh.

Anyway, I have already wasted a lot of time talking about my project which is not why I am here.😅

I am here to reminisce, especially from June 2019 to August 2021.

After spending over a month(May-June 2019) in my hometown, I landed back at my college. I was super excited for the upcoming semester because we would study C programming language. The excitement was waving even higher because I had been constantly hearing people talking about computer science and programming around me. I wanted to experience what programming thing was

Long story short, by the end of the semester I already had got the hang of programming. I developed a new superpower to loop through arrays and strings😂.

A noob mind by just learning the basics of programming was planning to appear in Google Interviews. The only question that was making rounds in my head was do I know enough programming?

Luckily I got my question answered...The answer was Data Structures and Algorithms. I used to follow a bunch of tech influencers on Instagram. One of them was live, answering newbies' doubts and questions. I joined and explained to him my situation and everything I had done so far. I told him I had learned C programming language and thinking about applying to Google but not sure if I knew enough. He replied to me, ''Do you know Data Structures and Algorithms". Do you know how to write optimized solutions? I was listening to these terminologies for the first time and I was awestruck. I said no listening to it for the first time. He suggested I learn them first because it is what most tech companies ask in their interviews.

I started researching about what Data Structures and Algorithms. I found a bunch of resources to learn it online. Almost every one of them recommended to learn it in either Java or C++. Without much consideration, I picked up Java and started learning DSA😉

Then I discovered the OOP paradigm. I learned it as well.

It was June 2020 and the lockdown was imposed all around the world while everyone was talking about Corona I was sitting in the corner of my room with my computer and learning binary search, linked list, stack and queues.

It was super complex for an 18-year-old kid😣. I quit learning DSA afterward.

As far as I remember I didn't do anything meaningful from July 2020 to August 2021. I explored content creation and blockchain technology. I published over 10 videos on YouTube.

Then my university started in August 2021. Currently, I am in my senior year & I am almost 22 years old😚