The mistakes I regret in my tech journey😥

The mistakes I regret in my tech journey😥


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It was June 2019 when I started programming and started navigating the tech industry, especially software engineering. My first language was C programming. Upon discovering that to become a good problem solver, strategic thinker and an engineer who can write efficient and flawless code, I have to practice solving data structures and algorithmic problems...I researched online and found a beautifully structured course on DSA(well, it isn't any more to me😁).

Course Link on YouTube

I made my way up to lecture number 43 and started neglecting...And this is the first mistake I made that I regret a lot.

#1: Neglecting when things get tough

As I said earlier I had marked lecture number 43. It was time for me to study linear data structures like linked lists, queues, and stacks and their implementation. For the first time, it was a mindblowing experience. Although I could understand the concept when it came to solving problems I was hesitant and uncomfortable.

Therefore, I started neglecting it. I didn't put effort and time I should and could have. I would solve random problems once in a blue moon and it continued until Feb 2022. By this time I had less than 50 problems solved on GeeksforGeeks. I would usually solve problems with arrays and strings.

However, despite my brain resisting to its fullest I decided to implement all the linear data structures in a language I was comfortable with which was C. I spent the month of February 2022 implementing all those data structures from scratch. I have a repo created regarding my implementation. Below is the link:

Repo on the implementation of DS

Soon after non-linear data structures, it was time for me to implement the non-linear ones. It was challenging so I started neglecting it again.

I neglected it until August 2022. It was a semester break and I planned to learn Data Structures and Algorithms from the perspective of clearing FAANG interviews.

I was well introduced to all the data structures and algorithms and also optimization(time & space complexity) stuff. So I started solving Leetcode problems.

Again when it came to solving recursion, trees and graph problems on Leetcode I started neglecting it as you can see in my Leetcode profile.

#Neglection1: It resulted in 1 year and 7 months (July 2020 to Feb 2022).

#Neglection2: It resulted in 4 months (Apr 2022 to Jul 2022).

#Neglection3: It resulted in 4 months (May 2023 to Sep 2023).

#Altogether 2 years and 3 months in neglect.

Neglecting will only elongate success. No matter how hard it is I will stick to it & I know I will come out victorious.

#2: Living in a bubble

I got introduced to programming way earlier in my life. I was probably 18 back then. I had a proper roadmap to move ahead in my journey with me. Back then I thought I would break into tech when I'm 21/22 probably.

But right now when I am 21 I see myself very far from breaking into tech. When I reflect on my journey I realise I was living in a "bubble".

It is essential to have a mechanism that performs a reality check on your journey and tells you where you lie and what mistakes you have been making. I need to create one for myself.

#1:Not building enough personal projects

Honestly speaking, I am in my senior year of college studying Computer Science.

I have 2 frontend projects, 1 abandoned project and 2 ongoing MERN stack project; DocGPT and Meet app.

Altogether 5 projects in total.